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Christopher Yang

Hello World

My name is Christopher!

I am currently a Software Engineer at Bloomberg LP where I am learning new technologies and focusing on improving my C++ skills. I graduated from City College of New York (CCNY) with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science. I am experienced in game design, web applications, iOS development, and exploratory programming.

At first, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. But words could not express the feeling and enjoyment of creation through my experience in programming. All the things I've taken for granted or enjoyed has always been developed through code. My passion lies in creating elegant, but simple tools/applications for people to use everyday. And hopefully in the future, my code can change your life too.

Now that you know about me a bit more, feel free to check out my portfolio. You're also more than welcome to contact me via email below!


Break Bread with Friends

Aug 2015 - Dec 2015



Aug 2015 - Dec 2015


Sudoku Solver

January 2016

Android Development


February 2016

iOS Development


Software Engineer at Bloomberg LP

  • Learning and having fun creating applications primarily using C++.

Technology and Developer Analyst Intern at Bank of America

  • As a Technology and Developer Analyst intern, I integrated an automated-testing framework called Cucumber onto a web-based project, which contained over 500,000 lines of codebase. By adopting Cucumber, I reduced the testing steps gap by 88%, increased the speed for testing Appian-generated webpages by 90%, and introduced a factory method design pattern with Java to facilitate behavior driven development.

Researcher for the National Science Foundation EFRI-REM

  • I was responsible for implementing an iPhone app in Objective-C that helps a visually impaired or blind user navigate from a location to another. Furthermore, I incorporated a server-client communication using a Google App Engine backend, which allowed for the streaming of live video from the user's device to a website and delivery of crowd sourced directions through audio feedback.

    Click here to check out my poster
    And here for a demonstration video

Researcher for NOAA-CREST

  • During my summer with NOAA-CREST, I gained a great deal of experience while working as a member of a team in data management using MATLAB, in addition to analyzing information gathered from a variety of instruments. As a researcher, my goal was to understand and learn how the different sizes and concentration of aerosol particles, such as air pollutants caused by the burning of fossil fuels, in clouds can manipulate precipitation in specific parts of Puerto Rico. The data collected was used to run a simulation for predicting the magnitude of rain and snowfall accurately.

    Click here to check out my poster




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